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Record Holding

The Kerala State Archives is rich with an immense collection of documents/records dating back to 1424.A.D. These records in diverse languages include paper records, palm leaves, bamboo splints, Micro films, and copper writings.

Public Records

  1. Records of erstwhile princely State of Travancore (C.E. 1424-1885), available at the Central Archives, Trivandrum.
  2. Records of erstwhile Cochin State (AD 1567-1949) which include both Cadjan and Paper records, available at the Regional Archives, Ernakulam.
  3. Records of erstwhile Malabar District of the Madras (Pr1805-1956), available in the Regional Archives, Civil Station Kozhikode.
  4. Records transferred from Government Secretariat Cellar (AD 1728-1956) and Malabar Collectorate records (1803-1898) transferred from Tamilnadu archives is available at Directorate of Archives, Nalanda, Thiruvananthapuram.

Private Records

Palm leaf documents forms the main portion of ancient relics. The State Archives play a major role in the preservation of this price-less specimen of heritage. Palm leaf records are generally classified into two: Churunas and Grandhas.


These are cdjan (palm leaf) manuscript rolls kept in a bundle of loose leaves. The State Archives holds a collection of more than 14000 churunas that is possibly the largest palm-leaf manuscripts collection. Written in ancient scripts of Kerala like Vattezhuthu, Kolezhuthu, Malayanma, Tamil and Malayalam, each Churunas deals with diverse subjects. Some of the important Churunas are :

Micro Films

Around 458 micro films that include those acquired from India Office Library and records, London and microfilms prepared under Central assistance scheme from central Archives, Trivandrum, regional Archives, Ernakulam and Directorate of Archives, Trivandrum are available.

Chellam Vaka records

Records preserved in the Padmanabha Swamy Temple and palace related to important political events, like the waging of war, conclusion of traties, employment of diplomatic tactics are called Chellam Vaka Records.


Covering a period from 1802 to 1837 C.E, Ozhukus consist of information of landed properties, its "Lakkam" no, number of trees, tax assessed, name and address of the assignees and property.

Vilangipper records

This record gives importance to the person to whom the property stands assigned and also the source of inheritance of the property.

Huzur Khajana Eredavu

It includes churunas that are related to treasury accounts.

Boundary Disputes

Churunas that deals with the boundary disputes between Travancore and Kochi and other neighbouring States.

High Court records

It includes the judgments, decisions etc of the High Court of the erstwhile state of Travancore.

Records of the office of the Head Sirker Vakkeel

This collection deals with Adalam decisions (judgements in cases) and also matters relating to family pension to the Rajas including adoptions to the Royal Family.

Neettus (Royal commands)

This contains the proclamations and orders issued mostly to the Heads of Departments.

Mathilakom records

This is a collection of around 3000 churunas possessed by Sri.Padmanabha Swami Temple.


It is a collection of Palm-leaf manuscripts preserved within wooden flaps. It is of two types - Oluku grandhas and historical grandhas. These records date back to the 15th century. The historical grandhas deals with the historical, social and political life of Kerala.